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Help your child overcome the fear of bathing

Help your child overcome the fear of bathing

Many toddlers are terrified as soon as they see you preparing to bathe them, and this becomes a real challenge for you. Your baby will calm down more easily with these few tips and will love to wash over time. Why newborns are afraid of bathing Small babies may feel out of control, do not like the temperature change, or do not like the feeling of floating in the water. Older babies and smaller children may be afraid of noise as the water goes down the drain, and some may slide underwater. Some people will not like that they have to get their hair, and the soap in their eyes will only be an unpleasant phenomenon. How to overcome the fear of bathing. When a child is terrified, it would be best to take that fear seriously and not force it to enter the water at a time when it is upset. When it comes to a newborn, you can make bathing easier by using a baby bath because it will feel safer in such a small space. Be sure that the water temperature is very similar to body temperature. In the case of older babies or younger children, you can get used to bathing in several ways.
- Get to know the bathtub lightly
- For example, let the baby sit in an empty tub and simulate a sponge bath. When it feels quite comfortable, you can add a little water to the bottom of the tub.
- Put the baby tub inside the tub for a while until he gets ultimately used to it. - Bathe with your child. Put it between your legs or on your lap to make it feel safe.
- Use a bath chair so that the baby can sit in the bathtub. Even though he is in a chair, you must be present while bathing.
- Use non-slip mats, so your little ones won't worry about slipping due to water. - Take the baby out of the tub and out of the bathroom before letting the water run down the drain. The sound of water leaving can be frightening for little ones.
- If your child is worried that the shampoo will catch his eye, you can use specially designed bathing caps. They keep bubbles and water out of children's eyes. Some children love to wear goggles for bathing. Another good idea is to use shampoos that do not irritate the baby's eyes.

I hope this helps boost your confidence a bit. Leave us a comment on your experience.

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